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There are many different ways to clean windows effectively, some are modern and new but there are still older ways that are timeless and always get the job done effectively such as old wives’ tales, here are some options. 


  1. Another strange but affective one is from Mrs. Hinch aka Sophie Hinchliffe, who is well known for cleaning tips on social media, had shared the hack to banish streaks for good and it doesn’t even involve buying any new products.

    Image courtesy of The Mirror


What you do need is a tumble dryer that collects the water in a condenser and it’s that water that cleans the windows like magic, simply pour it into a spray bottle and use on your windows, mirrors and anything else that needs a clean.


  1. cleaning your windows with vinegar, while this an old one it is still effective because it’s acidic, it breaks down the layers of dirt that builds up on glass and windows. Mix up a solution of one-part white vinegar to one part water, and the results will leave your windows glistening in the sun and the envy of all your neighbours.


But in today’s time you can buy self-using window cleaners or have professional window cleaners do it all for you.

  1. Water fed pole cleaner mounted on extendable pole, mainly done by professionals as you need training or you can purchase it and use it by yourself. Price ranges from as little as £20 to £1,031. If done by professional they will use –

Window Mop

Window Squeegee

Window Cleaning Bucket

Abrasive Pads

A Window Scraper

Replacement Scraper Blades

Cleaning Solution


4.Back to basics but affective, Windex with kitchen roll or you have many more options such as elbow Greece, Mr. muscle, the pink stuff, 3 brujas[Spanish cleaning products that are well loved on social media] and even have more options that are eco friendly such as eco ver, bio glass cleaner, trio bio and of course you can make window/glass cleaner yourself which is ecofriendly ad on top of that exchange the kitchen roll with reusable cloths.

5. For perfectly clear windows, you can add a few drops of methylated spirits to a clean, dry and lint-free cloth and give the windows a wipe down. The methylated spirits will evaporate within a few seconds leaving crystal clear and shiny windows behind.


These are best ways to make sure your windows are always shining and also very easy and accessible to do, endless ways to try at home.