Respect and manners is worth nothing, right?

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Respect and manners is worth nothing, right?

When you enter a shop or supermarket, you want your hard-earned money to be valued with good customer service.   So, are respect and manners the answer?

Good service includes staff being polite and asking the customers if they need any help, this makes them feel like the staff care and makes spending your money worthwhile. If they don’t have the correct size or quality you’re looking for, you want them to at least have a look online or in the back. If the staff are rude or don’t sound interested, that is bad customer service and may lose the company customers and money.

When receiving bad customer service, it makes you feel uncomfortable and it puts you off wanting to spend money if they can’t even use manners. If you have been saving for ages for something really expensive, you want it to be worth it. Therefore, if you’re receiving bad customer service, you aren’t likely to want to go back so it can affect a business and lose them money.

To enhance the customer’s experience, I would advise all staff to make each and every customer feel welcome and respect they have spent their money on your products.


By Lemar Carlin Year 10 work experience Student