What do you expect whilst spending your hard earned money?

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What do you expect whilst spending your hard earned money?

Everyone wants to receive good service whilst spending their long, hard earned money in a shop.

Good customer service includes showing customers respect and making them feel welcome and want to spend their money and maybe even come back because they were treated with respect. Also communication is key, if they don’t know what they are looking for ask them and show them where it is. Valuing your customer’s time is important because you want them to give your shop a good review and tell more people about it.

Bad customer service includes being rude to your customers and not treating them with the respect they deserve. Also not valuing their time is bad because you want them to come back and spend more money.

Whilst receiving bad service it would make you feel angry because you went in the shop to spend your money not to be treated with disrespect.


To enhance customer service I would be happy and cheerful, also make them feel welcome and supply them with a free bag to put there purchased items in.


By Euan Webb, Year 10 work experience student