What’s the difference between good and bad services?

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What’s the difference between good and bad services?

What’s the difference between good and bad services? Everyone throughout their life will have experienced them at least once from employees in different stores across the UK.

Features of a good service:

Good services is heavily judged in respect of the customer. If you receive good service it shows the employer and employees are respectful towards the customers. Good service should be included with any business as it offers many different positives; for example it works in both the customers and the companies favour, because it leaves the customer happy, satisfied and will encourage them to go back to the same place in the future, if their services are needed. Good services expand a business because if you show the customer care, respect and treat their requests carefully with the companies full efforts, it improves the name of the company as well as having a heightened chance of returning customers or drawing more in.

Characteristics of bad service:

Poor customer service could be due to a variety of different factors like lack of care at the job that they’re in, due to low attainment or the employee not making much progression. In some cases it can be due to inferior management which leads to the staff not being directed, encouraged and managed to a good standard.



A good service can be an expectation for customers as they are looking for a positive experience, so it is in the interests of the company and therefore the employee to show respect towards their requests.  Effective management and respect helps the morale of the company, as a happy employee will naturally reflect a pleasant disposition to the customers.   To counteract bad service, look at why the problems are occurring and fix them collectively within the company first by training staff in how to show appreciation of what’s involved within good services. After all, good service is good for the company.


By Dhanyal Jonson, Year 10 Work Experience Student