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Howells Bloopers Blog

In a world where image is king, we are constantly looking for good pictures to show off our products. But it is not easy trying to get good photos of our completed work. We encourage customers to send us snaps of our products after installation and we ask our fitters to take pictures as often as possible. The problem with the latter is, while our portion of the job might be finished, the job overall is far from complete. For that reason we end up with images of a building site; scaffolding still up, workmen/women in the background and rubble and packaging strewn around. These don’t make for particularly professional looking works of art.


We recently decided to take a look at the images we publish on our website. There were hundreds of them. Some were excellent, some……not so good. In an effort to brighten up your day we thought we would share some of the not so good ones – the Howells bloopers.


This example comes in 2 parts and is one of my all time favourites. These featured on our website for years. Firstly we have a lovely builder’s bum in the background with some nice mood lighting…….


Then later, in the next, shot we have an audience for the photo taking.

That’s it lads, get in on the action here. Say cheese!

Next is what I like to call ‘glazing bar from heaven’. I always play some angelic sounds in my head when I look at it. I think someone got a little experimental with photoshop. There is a Michelangelo feel to this don’t you think? Who said patent glazing bars can’t be high brow?


Below we have a wonderful example of ‘work in progress’. Some beautiful mono pitched glazing can be seen. In an attempt to emphasise the high specification used here we like to have some bricks lying around, some lining and a camping chair just in shot #keepingitreal.


We offer an Amazon voucher as a gesture of thanks to our customers who do take the time to send a photo of the finished job. The majority are excellent but sometimes it feels a little bit like the