The characteristics of good or bad service

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The characteristics of good or bad service

I’m sure everyone has experienced good or bad service in their lifetime

So you ask this question well, what makes bad service?  It is impolite staff who have a lack of knowledge and are lazy. An example would be, when I was once in a shop and I asked for one of the staff to collect my order she then began to serve lots of customers and forgot about what I asked .This made me feel frustrated and annoyed as I was waiting for ages and it was very time consuming.

So you ask this question as well what makes good service?  It is meeting aim that keep customers happy and staff who are friendly with a positive attitude. An example of good service was when I couldn’t find my size in a top I wanted one of the staff said she’d look I  the stock room for me and found it.This made me feel happy and reassured to come back to this shop again.

To assure good customer service we could make sure staff are trained fully, have a good work ethic and respect towards customers is there. Then they need effective management to make sure this is maintained. This is the only way forward.


By Katie Marsh, Work Experience Year 10 Student