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Extend your range and get Glazed extensions, which are a modern way to add more space and light to a property.  A popular choice with homeowners they work equally well on new build properties right through to mid-century houses.  They are also being used increasingly by architects to create separation between the old and the new when extending period properties; a design choice seemingly approved by most planning authorities.


While there’s the onerous and expensive glass structure, most homeowners opt for a more conventional glazed extension usually with a steel frame, large often floor to ceiling glazing and sliding or bi-folding doors.   This option doesn’t typically require any specialist services instead the suitably experienced architect and builder/self-builder will choose to work with a glazing and/or door specialist.


There are opportunities aplenty across the UK for installers and home improvement companies who are either already established in delivering this service or wanting to extend their portfolio and offering.


If you fall into the latter and are looking for ways to tap into this lucrative corner of the home improvement market then there is a key product which you must make available to your customers – a roof glazing solution, be it rooflights, roof lanterns or patent glazing.


Roof glazing is essential in a single-storey extension.  Not only does it let in more light than vertical glazing, but it also allows daylight to penetrate deeper into the property.  This is the reason behind its popularity.  In extending, homeowners are finding it harder to get light into the heart of the home, roof glazing helps them overcome this issue, without having to rely on costly electric lighting during the day.


So, having decided to add this product solution to your portfolio and maximise opportunities in the home improvement market, what should you be seeking from your supplier?

Consider: experience

You want a supplier who knows their stuff.  Look for well-established specialist manufacturers.  They will have the necessary experience, skill and knowledge to guide you through the selection and order process, and ensure you are choosing the right product for the job. 


Be sure to check out their website and social media too – are they sharing images and project updates?  Do they show a range of applications, old and new buildings, a variety of products?  If so, then they will likely be a one-stop-shop – a good, solid and reliable supplier who can help you with pretty much anything.  Building relationships with trusted suppliers is invaluable when developing areas of your business.


Consider: range

You don’t want to limit your options by choosing a supplier with limited capabilities.  If they’re selling off-the-shelf rooflights and not a lot else, then this will impact your customer reach.  Glazed extensions call for large expanses of glass.  Often, standard rooflights simply won’t cut it. 


Look at the breadth of the range.  Do they provide a bespoke service?  Do they use a systems house, or do they design and manufacture their own system, giving them greater flexibility?


Quality is also a critical factor.  Look for proven performance and independently verified test certification for weathertightness, resistance to snow and permanent load and thermal performance.


Pay attention to material choice too.  While you may be used to supplying PVC fenestration products, aluminium is gaining awareness and popularity and is truly the best option for any roof glazing solution.  Slim sightlines, durability and superb aesthetics make this a desirable, premium option for homeowners.  Then, of course, there’s the option to choose from thousands of colours and textures for the powder coated finish.


Consider: support

This is particularly important if this is your first foray into roof glazing.  While they may appear simple often they require a technical specification to achieve the correct outcome.  Large expanses of glass can lead to overheating, for example, so the right glass is essential, as is the orientation of the glazed roof system (something which a professional architect should consider first!), then, your customer may also require ventilation…


A good supplier will guide you through this process.  They will have the skill and expertise to support you from design to install.  If you are planning on installing the products yourself then look for those who also offer installation guidance/instructions and training.  Support such as this can save man-hours and keep call-backs to a minimum.


Howells Patent Glazing is an established manufacturer of roof glazing systems with more than 50 years’ experience supplying to the domestic and commercial markets.  The company provides products on a supply only and supply and fit basis.




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