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The ‘new norm’ means that small businesses can carry on and nothing stops, so does it this mean that no impact has been felt?   The short answer is no, and it’s true to say that every business has coped differently, depending on their sector and their liabilities. COVID-19 has had an impact on all businesses, but some small businesses have endured substantial hardships, having to close completely for months and even those that have remained trading have restrictions imposed.  That said, many larger companies have felt the pressure too and many that are no longer around to tell the tale, as well as some industries, such as basic amenities, that have flourished.

All companies have had to adapt, mainly by becoming COVID-19 compliant with additional measures put into place to protect the customers visiting the premises, but the staff working within the businesses.  Working together ensuring that businesses can still operate, even in this changing world, has been an important factor to consider in the current climate.  We need to remember that it’s important to still support companies and carry on our daily lives.

One of the things that have changed is the stockpile of cleaning products that we now stock both in our homes and in our businesses!  Everything has to be sanitized and the cleaning products are the most stocked item in our arsenals!  I don’t think our doorknobs have ever been so clean!

In our case, in the beginning, we understood that our staff was worried about how they could work within the new regulations, but once the new policies and procedures were put into place, a new video for the entrance, hand sanitizer, and temperature scanner in place.  All to ensure safety stays the priority.  This applies to any visitors attending the premises, whilst they are very welcome, they have to ensure to comply too.

That said, it’s business as usual, supplying and training the UK in aluminium roof lights.   Maybe not ‘Open all hours’ but riding out the storm in the Black Country.