Does this sound like good service to you?

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Does this sound like good service to you?

Service should not be discriminative, we should all be treated like royalty when we spend our hard earned cash. We’ve reviewed these two services and here’s what we found about company standards in Britain.

Picture this: Its 9:30, they are an hour and a half late. Your guests are beginning to get irritated with hunger. Finally the expensive chefs you paid for show up, but to your disgust their food truck is dirty, greasy and so filthy even the dog would stay away from it. Yet, there’s nothing you can do about it so you show them in. After more waiting your food is ready however it’s completely raw and slimy. The chefs are rude to your guests and you are very embarrassed.

Would you hire them again? No, neither would we!

At Howells Patent Glazing they believe the key to good service is giving the customer what they want and more. They also feel that you must show them that your company is reliable and the best they could get. Polite and presentable staff is what your business needs to provide in order to get more clients and sales. Without these thing your company will fail to seek any growth and eventually fall into a very bad reputation, leaving you with nothing. However if you have these qualities within your company, you will definitely blossom and attract more and more customers. This will open many doors and present you with great opportunities.

After evaluating these two company traits you can decide for yourself which company you would like to spend your hard earned money on. None of us would want to fork out for a service where the workers are rude and don’t meet your standards, surely we wanted to be treated like royalty?


By Year 10 work experience student Emma