Do They Really Value Us?

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Do They Really Value Us?

Spending money is easier than earning it and Customer service plays a huge part when splashing your hard earned money. We all want to be treated with kindness and made to feel like a valued customer when we buy products from businesses , after all money doesn’t grow on trees and we spend precious time and our energy on earning it. Find out if your custom is appreciated or not…

Good service

Just a simple greeting like “ Hey , how’re you today” or even a smile can brighten someone’s day and make them feel a lot better. You know you’re appreciated when the cashier says thank you and sometimes a “enjoy the rest of your day” but not all workers are the same.


Bad service

The odd purchase won’t always come with a warm welcome. Cashiers, baristas and receptionists don’t always respect their customers. They may not necessarily have something against you but may just depend on the individual’s mood and previous experiences with other consumers. Respect works both ways and we can’t expect good treatment if we don’t show appreciation towards the person. After a long day and a tough shift we can’t always expect the happiest worker, we are human after all and there is only so much one can take before they break.


Completed by work experience student, Mo