Glazing in the UK – Our top 5 advantages to letting natural light flood in!

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Glazing in the UK – Our top 5 advantages to letting natural light flood in!

Throwing open the curtains on a glorious sunny day is no doubt a satisfying feeling to blow away the winter cobwebs that have been hovering in the corners of classrooms across the UK, but studies have proven that there’s more to it than just being able to switch off that artificial lighting that gets used so much throughout the dull months. Glazing in the UK can prove pretty tricky to make the most of, but we are here to offer our help.

Tracey Jackson, Marketing Manager at Howells Patent Glazing said, “When we are consulting on our services, we have noticed that one of the most important factors you have to consider is the amount of natural light that our glazing solutions will let into the building. It’s a key point that can boost more than just a person’s mood”.

Our family run Midlands firm are famous for our rooflights and glazed roofing solutions. We have experienced three years of incredible growth and are focused on providing the best quality to our customers. Here are our explanations to the advantages to letting natural light flood in:

  • Start with the basics – Daylight is free! It’s an obvious statement, but few people actually take note that by utilising more natural light in their buildings means a lower electricity bill. This is especially useful in an office or school environment where the hours of being in the building are predominantly within daylight hours.
  • Now then, Mardy Bum – Studies have proven that natural daylight has a positive effect on mood. For schools it would be worth noting that you can make changes to those grumpy teens and grouchy grownups, and for office buildings, you can cheer up your workforce with a little ray of sunshine (or the possibility of one. This is the UK after all). Daylight has been associated with improved mood, enhanced morale, lower fatigue, and reduced eyestrain.
  • Positivity leads to Productivity – With all of that natural light flowing through a well-designed glazing system, a workforce or class of pupils are proven to be more positive. As an added plus, positivity creates productivity, and through the correct use of natural daylight more work targets will be met, and school grades will increase over time.
  • Bye-bye mold – Most diseases, including chronic respiratory problems, are often associated with bacteria and fungi built up in damp areas. With the ever changing weather in the UK, it can be hard to avoid these things growing in dark, dank rooms without correct lighting. Natural daylight can decrease the production of these harmful annoyances. Did you know that sunlight is considered to be one of the best natural disinfectants?
  • Beautiful buildings – Natural light is one of the most appealing lights, and is used by most interior designers to showcase a building in all of its glory. It can be a difficult technique to get right, but when it is used correctly it encompasses all of the above benefits whilst showing a building in its best light!

Howells Patent Glazing have an expert design team who help architects and builders alike to make the most of natural daylight on our projects. With 40 years’ experience, and three record-breaking years behind us, our team are hoping to spend the next 40 years delivering professional, trusted and creative solutions to the UK’s glazing industry.