Whew…. What an exciting year it has been so far!

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Whew…. What an exciting year it has been so far!




12310497_1213485495335585_5562631088650869829_n 11737826_10206253668355925_2018866034100478201_n IMG_0838 11698388_1125503814133754_5263457770373316075_n 10409679_1128077187209750_7579884523696173369_n 11705362_1128077190543083_6029983261892540102_nAs 2015 draws to a close, we pause to reflect on this past year

Here at Howells we have been so busy with all our Christmas preparations that we have forgotten to write our Blog.


So far this year we have attended the Midlands Air ambulance annual charity ball and shown our support for Devon air ambulance through Aspect Windows.


We have shown our commitment to the young minds of the future by taking on a new welding Apprentice through our local college network and also giving work experience to 4 young year 10 students from Redhill  and Ellowes Hall in both our manufacturing and marketing departments.  We have to say that our experience of these young people found them to be respectful, polite and eager to do a good job, it reaffirmed for us the quality of local education.


More recently, we have donated 2 full shopping trolleys of much needed and necessary non perishable items, enough to feed 2 families of 4.  We did not forget the Christmas crackers…..


Lastly, for this year on Friday 11 December we sponsored the Senior citizens Christmas lunch hosted by Ellowes Hall Sports and Redhill School.


As we sign out of 2015, we would like to wish our customers and suppliers as very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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