The café was the place to be, beautiful and homely. The staff whisked dirty plates and cups off tables with smiles that were contagious. The queue was small and always shrinking and the man at the counter was happily laughing with each customer, maintaining eye contact yet never seeming intrusive. The café was the place to be.

When I imagine the perfect kind of café staff who are friendly and helpful are my main ‘must haves.’ Too many times I have happily strolled into a café and been met by frowning faces, rude tones and painfully slow service. Too many times has my order been forgotten and I’ve had to chase up my drink or snack, following the waiters and waitresses round like a dog begging for a bone. It seems the coffee machine is always broken, there is never any of your favourite cake left and instead of politely apologising they rudely demand that you chose something else.

Customer service can cripple or create a successful business and in my opinion it is the most straightforward task to accomplish. Is being polite and friendly too much to ask nowadays?


By Laura    Year 10 work experience

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