Bespoke rooflights off the shelf

Known for being a company who never stand still, the team at our family run Midlands based manufacturing firm, Howells Patent Glazing, are pushing for a record year for the 3rd year in a row. We hope that our latest product launch, a new stock roof sized roof light, will contribute to sales growth and the firm’s biggest year for turnover yet.


Our new slim line roof light bar, which offers thermal efficiency, is a great way to harness the liberating power of glass, bringing light and space into any environment without compromising on style and design. The bar was developed by the Director of Howells Patent Glazing, Gary Howells, and the process involved using innovative design technologies, structural engineers and several trial makes.

Tracey Jackson, Marketing Manager here at Howells Patent Glazing said, “We seemed to be having a lot of requests for bespoke roof lights, in similar sizes, where the builder had flexibility in the actual finished size.  These all seemed to be unvented and in standard colours of white /grey, single or dual colours.  We developed the slim line roof light bar to cater for this demand from builders and have recently launched our new roof lights to market with great success.  Our new slim line roof light has all the aesthetics of our original standard design, but is lighter as it uses a slimmer bar, which in itself gives improved light”.

The sales team here at Howells Patent Glazing believe that our latest product has proved to be a great option to those with tight turnarounds, but still requiring a ‘made to order’ product.  Aesthetically, it is similar to our firms bespoke range, but as it is ready built in more popular sizes and thus cuts down on the manufacturing time, but still makes a bespoke rooflight.

Dave Bennett, Sales Director at Howells Patent Glazing said, “Our customers are loving our new product and have been placing a lot of repeat orders since we launched it to market. We carry the stock, so that our customers do not have to”.

Want to know more about our services, glazing options and our new ‘stock-sized’ rooflights? Take a look around our website



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Awards for Staff training in the West Midlands

We  thought it would be nice to publicize the benefits of nurturing people/staff even after formal education has ended.
At Howells Patent Glazing , the family business, we believe in educating our employees and with 22 currently having inhouse NVQ training on different courses ranging from IT level 2 and 3, Improving Operational Performance Apprenticeship Level 2 and 3, Engineering level 3, leadership and management level 2 and 3 and BIT (Business Improvement Technique) NVQ. These are not the only courses we offer to the staff as there are other more specialist bespoke courses too. It just shows that you must never sit still as an organisation
We are so excited that this has been noticed and we have been nominated with 3 others for an award for staff training in the West Midlands, by Made in the Midlands via Insider magazine:
Apprenticeship and Training Award
The Apprenticeship & Training Award recognises the manufacturing business that has done most to further the cause of apprenticeships in the Midlands.
For achievements between March 2015 – April 2016.
This follows our change in direction 3 years ago with our rebranding and development of our core values in Fairness, Making a Difference, Personal Growth, Recognition and Enthusiasm
We restructured and developed a new management team to drive through the changes to each department. and have never looked back.  With the help of the Growth Accellerator (government business development program) and Black Country Growth Hub we have managed to put 50% onto our turnover in the last 3 years.
This success could only be achieved through our commitment to change and the value that we place in our workforce.
made in the midlands
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How to prevent heat loss in the home

A very big problem is faced currently in the home with ever  rising heating costs, which only seem to get worse with each year.  The best option is for the homeowner to tackle the root of the problem and that is HEAT LOSS.  Where is the heat escaping and how to minimize it.

It is safe to say that this is an ongoing problem for many people and there are no quick fixes that will provide lasting solutions.  How to prevent heat loss in the home continues to perplex us.

A big contender for heat loss are old inefficient windows, single glazing or really any kind of non thermally broken window frames.  Ask the question of do the windows need replacing or can you patch the problem?

This is a ‘How to’ guide on the benefits of double glazing

What you need to know and how to prevent the costly pitfalls of replacing whole windows when not necessary.

What are the benefits and how to use double glazing for preventing heat loss.


Firstly, just what are the benefits of double glazing?

:         Up to 18% of heat lost on not having double glazing, resulting in increased bills, higher Co2 emissions, more condensation, and higher noise levels so there are many advantages to double glazing.

:         Double glazing consists of two panes of glass sandwiched with argon gas which acts as insulator of heat and noise. Condensation occurs with single glass windows because internal air reaches its dew point and deposits water on the coldest object which will be the windows.

:         Double glazing is a longer term investment which will create a warm and quiet environment as well as been aesthetically pleasing.

form 1

Heat loss in the home

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It is one thing to have the vision to ‘see’ how changes to a building could enhance the construction, but another thing altogether to be the one who project manages this conversion.


This can be quite a stressful experience to the first time renovator or a private home owner who could be overwhelmed and daunted with the undertaking whilst still living there


home builder guide

Home builder guid


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Adding Value with Home Improvements

We all ask ourselves this question every now and again: “Is it worth adding value with home improvements?”

With the eye-watering cost to move house, not to mention the stress involved, it is no surprise that so many of us choose to extend or modify our homes rather than sell, but what actually adds the most value to your home? The National Association of Estate Agents revealed the answer; adding a bedroom (usually by converting loft space) and enlarging a kitchen. Did you know a loft conversion could add around 10% to the value of your home? Letting in daylight could be a problem unless you opt for a rooflight. Imagine being able to sleep under the stars without the use of blinds (if your locations allows!).

Underground Extensions:
Underground extensions are becoming more popular, particularly in London where the market value can support the high cost of excavating under your home. These underground rooms do not need to be dark and gloomy. It is possible to harness natural daylight by fitting a walk-on rooflight flush with the ground level, letting natural light flood in to the area underneath.

picture 1

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Boost in city developments; great news for Howells Patent Glazing

It’s no secret that the recession took its toll on the UK building and manufacturing industry. However, we have been doing a little research and found that a report conducted by Deloitte has revealed a nine-year high in development across the city of Birmingham, which is also mirrored in reports for Manchester and Leeds. This is great news for the UK’s manufacturing industry, and family run businesses like us at Howells Patent Glazing are reaping the benefits of a new wave of UK city development!

The Birmingham Crane Survey showcases the rise in investor desire, new construction and growth of visitors to the UK’s ‘Second City’ with some very positive results. Confidence in developers has returned, and investors are looking towards cities north of the capital to find higher yielding assets offering better value and continued rental growth.

Our Birmingham based specialist-manufacturing company, Howells Patent Glazing, has directly benefited from this, and we have seen an increased turnover year on year since 2014.

Dave Bennett, General Manager here at Howells Patent Glazing said, “We are really excited about what’s to come for Howells Patent Glazing this year. We have experienced growth on a phenomenal scale, and attribute that to the new wave in positivity from developers. The economic climate is on the up, and we’re certainly feeling it here.  As a business, we have become more and more aware of a significant growth in the volume of work within our specialist field, especially in cities like Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester. The next big ‘development surge’ we are predicting is in Hull – next year’s European city of culture”.

Leeds College

Howells Patent Glazing recently completed a glazed roof section on Leeds City College

Dave Bennett, General Manager at Howells Patent Glazing, is excited about the surge in UK city development!


According to Birmingham Crane Survey, Birmingham is seeing new office construction at its highest level in over 13 years; with over 32% already being let out to aspiring Midlands based businesses. In Manchester, 1.04 million square foot of Grade A office space is under construction, and in Leeds, 865,000 square foot of offices is under construction – the highest level since 2007.

Since 2014, Howells Patent Glazing, based in Birmingham, has experienced rapid growth with record sales and turnover increasing year on year. The increase in our customer demand is believed to be because of increased investment in some of the UK’s biggest cities, and our most recent contracts prove that to be true!


For more info on Howells Patent Glazing, and the services we offer, visit our homepage at

To view the Crane Survey, visit


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Howells Patent Glazing provide invaluable help and advice to their clients!

With the launch of a new glazing advice and ‘top-tips’ section on our website, our team are looking forward to a new wave of clients hitting our site!

Howells’s sales team, both new and long standing, have to complete a rigorous training schedule before being able to deal with customers.  The scheme involves the team spending time in the business’s manufacturing plant, physically constructing their products.  Once the sales team has an understanding of Howell’s manufacturing process, they then move on to working with the fixing teams to understand the parameters of the materials and job specifics of the contracts. This demanding training scheme allows the sales team to fully understand Howell’s offering and fulfill our customers’ needs, with an unrivaled approach.

Howells Patent Glazing - Alton Towers Orangery

Howells Patent Glazing – Installing Alton Towers Orangery

Tracey Jackson, Marketing Manager at Howells Patent Glazing said, “our Cradley Heath based manufacturing firm have technical departments in both the supply only and estimating/construction departments, and our staff often receive queries regarding how to achieve the best results using our product. The logical step for us was to offer our advice and knowledge openly those who may need a little help.  As a firm we are committed to excellence and this year, for the very first time, we have entered the Express and Star awards for Business of the Year and Family Business of the Year.  2016 has already been phenomenal for new business and we hope that the rest of the year will be equally as successful”.

Gary Howells, Director at the firm, has been with Howells since he left school and has travelled through all of the manufacturing departments to now head the sales division.  He has first-hand knowledge of the systems that Howells use, as he had a major influence on the design and application of the bars.  He has also installed the systems, so understands the full requirements of the bars, how they perform and has vision to understand where they need to evolve.

Dave Bennett, General Manager, has over 30 years’ experience in the firm.  Beginning his career as a draftsman, and then joining Howells as an estimator 20 years ago, he has proved his worth time and time again by project managing contracts from £2,000 through to £1,000,000.

Dave Bennett has been with Howells Patent Glazing for 20 years!

Dave Bennett has been with Howells Patent Glazing for 20 years!

Our specialist glazing firm specialises in aluminium roof glazing systems and make bespoke glazing solutions to cover a wide variety of problems. These range from covering swimming pools or unused quadrangles at schools to create extra classroom space, glazed extensions to living quarters, entrance canopies to schools/hospitals/shopping malls or roof glazing to shopping malls/factories/offices to create natural light. Howells also undertake heritage jobs, such as Windsor Royal Station and Stoneleigh Abbey, as well as high profile contracts such as Millennium Point in Digbeth and Alton towers Orangery. With our years of experience, we are confident that we can give you the free glazing advice and tips that can help you get the job done!

We are proud of our level of staff and we believe that we have a solution to almost every glazing issue or query – from the creation and design of bespoke pieces to installation and styling.

To find out more about our Advice and ‘top tips’ section, please visit


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More than just glazing: Howells provide NVQ’s to all of their staff

Howells Patent Glazing, our rapidly growing manufacturing firm, is investing in its workforce and the future of manufacturing in the Midlands by offering NVQ’s to all of our staff in conjunction with Dudley College!

Undertaking workplace NVQ’s has become an important part of Howells Patent Glazing’s working environment, as we are keen to address the skills shortage that is affecting businesses like ours across the UK.

According to The Employer Skills Survey (ESS), manufacturing businesses are most likely to encounter skills shortages when looking to recruit suitable candidates for their roles in the industry, accounting for 30% of hard-to-fill manufacturing vacancies.

One of Howells’ most recent employees to enrol on an NVQ course is 17-year-old welding apprentice Reece.  Working alongside long-standing employee Dennis, an experienced MIG and Coded welder, Reece will be completing his Level 3 Diploma in Engineering and NVQ Diploma in Performing Engineering Operations.

Apprentice Reece with the experienced Dennis.

Apprentice Reece with the experienced Dennis.

Debbie Willetts, Company Secretary said, “As a construction company, we have to keep up to date with training with IOSH, CSCS, Platform etc, but more importantly we feel its our responsibility as employers to invest in our staff.  Our long-term growth strategy isn’t just about processes; it’s about developing our staff by building on their qualifications and in turn, passion for our business.  We are really excited to be rolling out new qualifications to all our staff during the course of 2016 ”.

With the ESS estimating that employers are spending £4.9billion to train their workforce, our continued commitment to training will hopefully have a positive effect on the current UK skills shortage, and make sure that the industry continues to thrive for years to come.

We see our investment in staff as an enrichment programme to ensure that every member of the workforce is satisfied in their job role, and is able to obtain the relevant skills needed to remain ahead of the pack within the manufacturing industry. Starting as a family-run business, we are going from strength to strength, and hope that by giving back to our staff, we will see another 40 years of success!


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Glazing in the UK – Our top 5 advantages to letting natural light flood in!

Throwing open the curtains on a glorious sunny day is no doubt a satisfying feeling to blow away the winter cobwebs that have been hovering in the corners of classrooms across the UK, but studies have proven that there’s more to it than just being able to switch off that artificial lighting that gets used so much throughout the dull months. Glazing in the UK can prove pretty tricky to make the most of, but we are here to offer our help.

Tracey Jackson, Marketing Manager at Howells Patent Glazing said, “When we are consulting on our services, we have noticed that one of the most important factors you have to consider is the amount of natural light that our glazing solutions will let into the building. It’s a key point that can boost more than just a person’s mood”.

Our family run Midlands firm are famous for our rooflights and glazed roofing solutions. We have experienced three years of incredible growth and are focused on providing the best quality to our customers. Here are our explanations to the advantages to letting natural light flood in:

  • Start with the basics – Daylight is free! It’s an obvious statement, but few people actually take note that by utilising more natural light in their buildings means a lower electricity bill. This is especially useful in an office or school environment where the hours of being in the building are predominantly within daylight hours.
  • Now then, Mardy Bum – Studies have proven that natural daylight has a positive effect on mood. For schools it would be worth noting that you can make changes to those grumpy teens and grouchy grownups, and for office buildings, you can cheer up your workforce with a little ray of sunshine (or the possibility of one. This is the UK after all). Daylight has been associated with improved mood, enhanced morale, lower fatigue, and reduced eyestrain.
  • Positivity leads to Productivity – With all of that natural light flowing through a well-designed glazing system, a workforce or class of pupils are proven to be more positive. As an added plus, positivity creates productivity, and through the correct use of natural daylight more work targets will be met, and school grades will increase over time.
  • Bye-bye mold – Most diseases, including chronic respiratory problems, are often associated with bacteria and fungi built up in damp areas. With the ever changing weather in the UK, it can be hard to avoid these things growing in dark, dank rooms without correct lighting. Natural daylight can decrease the production of these harmful annoyances. Did you know that sunlight is considered to be one of the best natural disinfectants?
  • Beautiful buildings – Natural light is one of the most appealing lights, and is used by most interior designers to showcase a building in all of its glory. It can be a difficult technique to get right, but when it is used correctly it encompasses all of the above benefits whilst showing a building in its best light!

Howells Patent Glazing have an expert design team who help architects and builders alike to make the most of natural daylight on our projects. With 40 years’ experience, and three record-breaking years behind us, our team are hoping to spend the next 40 years delivering professional, trusted and creative solutions to the UK’s glazing industry.

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Whew…. What an exciting year it has been so far!




12310497_1213485495335585_5562631088650869829_n 11737826_10206253668355925_2018866034100478201_n IMG_0838 11698388_1125503814133754_5263457770373316075_n 10409679_1128077187209750_7579884523696173369_n 11705362_1128077190543083_6029983261892540102_nAs 2015 draws to a close, we pause to reflect on this past year

Here at Howells we have been so busy with all our Christmas preparations that we have forgotten to write our Blog.


So far this year we have attended the Midlands Air ambulance annual charity ball and shown our support for Devon air ambulance through Aspect Windows.


We have shown our commitment to the young minds of the future by taking on a new welding Apprentice through our local college network and also giving work experience to 4 young year 10 students from Redhill  and Ellowes Hall in both our manufacturing and marketing departments.  We have to say that our experience of these young people found them to be respectful, polite and eager to do a good job, it reaffirmed for us the quality of local education.


More recently, we have donated 2 full shopping trolleys of much needed and necessary non perishable items, enough to feed 2 families of 4.  We did not forget the Christmas crackers…..


Lastly, for this year on Friday 11 December we sponsored the Senior citizens Christmas lunch hosted by Ellowes Hall Sports and Redhill School.


As we sign out of 2015, we would like to wish our customers and suppliers as very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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