What is PAS 24

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What is PAS 24

Explaining the meaning of PAS 24

Also known as Publicly Available Specification 24, is a security standard specifically designed for windows and doors. It ensures that these products are capable of withstanding attacks from opportunist burglars. Developed in collaboration with various organizations including the Association of Chief Police Officers, Association of Composite Door Manufacturers, and the Glass and Glazing Federation, PAS 24 serves as a testing standard to evaluate the security performance of windows and doors in the UK. Compliance with PAS 24 indicates that the windows and doorsets have met the minimum legal requirements for security and are suitable for both domestic dwellings and commercial buildings exposed to comparable risks. Certification under PAS 24 confirms that a UKAS accredited certification body has monitored the security performance of these products under specific test conditions.

How is PAS 24 certification obtained?

PAS 24 certification is obtained through a rigorous testing and assessment process conducted by a UKAS accredited certification body. Here are the general steps involved in obtaining PAS 24 certification:

  • Product Submission: The manufacturer or supplier submits their windows and doors for testing to a UKAS accredited certification body.
  • Testing: The windows and doors undergo comprehensive testing to evaluate their security performance. This includes simulated attacks and attempts to breach the products.
  • Assessment: The certification body assesses the test results and verifies if the products meet the requirements set by PAS 24. This assessment also includes a review of the manufacturer’s documentation and quality management system.
  • Compliance Verification: The certification body ensures that the products comply with the minimum legal requirements for security and are suitable for domestic dwellings and commercial buildings exposed to comparable risks.
  • Certification Issuance: If the products pass the testing and assessment process, the certification body issues the PAS 24 certification. This certification confirms that the windows and doors have met the security standards outlined in PAS 24.

It’s important to note that the specific details and procedures for obtaining PAS 24 certification may vary depending on the certification body and the specific product being tested.

What are the specific test conditions for PAS 24?

The specific test conditions for PAS 24 are outlined in the standard itself and may vary depending on the type of product being tested (e.g., windows, doors). Here are some of the key test conditions typically included in PAS 24:

  • Manual Attack Test: This test involves simulating a manual attack on the windows or doors using various tools such as screwdrivers, crowbars, and hammers. The products are evaluated based on their resistance to forced entry.
  • Mechanical Loading Test: This test assesses the structural integrity of the windows or doors by subjecting them to mechanical loading, such as applying pressure or impact. The products are evaluated for their ability to withstand these loads without failure.
  • Glazing Test: If the product includes glazing, a separate test is conducted to evaluate the resistance of the glazing to forced entry. This may involve attempts to break or remove the glazing.
  • Locking Mechanism Test: The locking mechanism of the windows or doors is tested to ensure its effectiveness in preventing unauthorized access. This includes testing the durability and reliability of the locks.
  • Security Hardware Test: Any additional security hardware, such as hinges, handles, or bolts, may be tested to assess their effectiveness in enhancing the overall security of the windows or doors.

These are just some of the general test conditions that may be included in PAS 24. The specific requirements and procedures for testing can be found in the official PAS 24 standard documentation.

How long does PAS 24 certification last?

PAS 24 certification does not have a specific expiration date. Once a product has been certified under PAS 24, the certification is valid until there are significant changes to the product or its manufacturing process that may affect its security performance. In such cases, the certification may need to be re-evaluated to ensure continued compliance with the standard. Additionally, periodic audits or surveillance assessments may be conducted by the certification body to verify ongoing compliance. It is important for manufacturers and suppliers to maintain the quality and security standards of their products to ensure the validity of their PAS 24 certification.

What are the benefits of PAS 24 certification?

PAS 24 certification offers several benefits for manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Enhanced Security: PAS 24 certification ensures that windows and doors have undergone rigorous testing to withstand attacks from opportunist burglars. This provides peace of mind to homeowners and building occupants, knowing that their windows and doors meet the minimum legal requirements for security.
  • Deterrence of Burglars: Windows and doors certified under PAS 24 are designed to deter burglars due to their increased resistance to forced entry. This can act as a deterrent and reduce the likelihood of break-ins and burglaries.
  • Compliance with Regulations: PAS 24 certification confirms that the windows and doorsets meet the minimum legal requirements for security in the UK. This helps manufacturers and suppliers demonstrate compliance with relevant regulations and standards.
  • Market Differentiation: Having PAS 24 certification can set a manufacturer or supplier apart from competitors. It demonstrates a commitment to quality and security, which can be a valuable selling point for customers who prioritize safety and security.
  • Trust and Confidence: PAS 24 certification is issued by UKAS accredited certification bodies, which adds credibility and trust to the certified products. Consumers can have confidence in the security performance of windows and doors that carry the PAS 24 certification mark.
  • Access to Certain Markets: In some cases, certain projects or contracts may require windows and doors to meet specific security standards, such as PAS 24. Having PAS 24 certification can open doors to these markets and opportunities.

Overall, PAS 24 certification provides assurance of enhanced security, compliance with regulations, market differentiation, and increased trust and confidence in the certified products.

Howells offers products that have been tested to the PAS24 standards, this gives our customers piece of mind that there is a basic quality to the items that they are investing in.  Take the time to check out your supplier and ensure that they are also to the security standard.

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