Extending your living space, without compromising your existing home or garden?

You want to extend your living space, but do not want compromise the available space in your existing home or garden?


Sound familiar?  Add in the budget scenario and you have a potential recipe for disaster…


What if there was a solution that offered you the potential to do all these things but also offer a flexible approach to internal or external living space?

marketing photo 3 Greenways (5) Greenways (4) NATURAL STRUCTURES-PIC5

We have been making canopies for years and they have proved to be very successful not only in private homes, but also in commercial applications.  The exciting change comes from the ability to offer a stand alone self supported canopy that stretches out from the rear wall of your home, but then with an addition of bi folding doors to one or two of the sides weather proof them.


This makes the best of both worlds!  You can have alfresco dining OR an enclosed weather proof space in one installation.    2 for the price of 1.


Who doesn’t like a great deal

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