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Window Cleaning Tips

When I’m cleanin’ Windows….


So, what’s your favourite hobby? I’m a fan of extreme window cleaning myself…..


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Some people go to extreme lengths to make sure their windows are clean. If extreme window cleaning isn’t your thing, how about some old fashioned window cleaning tips? Am I the only one whose mum would clean the inside of the windows with vinegar and newspaper? They might have had a Mr Muscle sparkle but the house smelled like a chip shop. A more practical glass cleaning tip is to clean one side top-to-bottom and the other side side-to-side; that way if you have any smudges you’ll know which side it’s on.

Luckily with our roof glazing you can opt for self-cleaning glass. Sound like witchcraft? It’s not, and here’s the science bit…..


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The Pilkington Activ™ Range: A Two Step Cleaning Process

After years of development, Pilkington Activ™ is the world’s first self-cleaning glass to use a microscopic coating with a unique dual-action.

The first stage of the cleaning process is “photocatalytic“. In this stage the coating reacts with daylight to break down organic dirt.

The second stage is “hydrophilic“. Here, instead of forming droplets, rainwater hits the glass and spreads evenly, running off in a “sheet” and taking the loosened dirt with it, also drying quickly without leaving streaks.

If the thought of spending endless hours cleaning windows puts you off building a new conservatory or installing skylights then self-cleaning glass is precisely what you need. View this demonstration video to gain a better understanding of how self-cleaning glass works with the forces of nature to keep your glass cleaner.

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So don’t be put off having a rooflight, orangery or conservatory roof fitted. Speak to our estimators about the benefits of self-cleaning glass. And don’t balance on the side of a building to clean your windows. It probably won’t end well.


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