A testimony to stamina

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A testimony to stamina

In these trying times we could all take a leaf out of the Queens book of stamina.  She has successfully reigned over us for 68 years and during that time as seen 14 UK prime ministers through her doors.  She became Queen when her father, King George VI died on 6 February 1952 and on the 2 June 1953 at the tender age of only 27 with two small children, she walked through Westminster Abbey and was crowned, watched by a TV audience for the first time of 20 million people.   A simple day that took a massive 14 months of planning.

Our Managing Director may not be a monarch, but he does reign over us ensuring that the business thrives and we are keeping our technical know how on point.  At a mere 73, he still works everyday quoting our more complicated and technically challenging quotes drawing on his 50+ years in the industry.








Walter Howells and Queen Elizabeth II 

The Queen is certainly ahead of us tech-wise too, when we were trying to fathom internet and emails in the 1980’s, she had already sent her first email back in 1976.  In 2012 she recorded her Christmas speech in 3D, which she found a lovely experience and in 2014 she sent her first tweet.  So far from shielding away from technology, she has embraced it!  In comparison our MD has his fingers on the digital pulse with the latest smart phone and high-end computer software programs operating anytime and anywhere.


The Queen and our managing director may have 20 years between them age wise but keep their fingers on the pulse of enterprise whether it be personally responding the hundreds correspondence received or signing off on important documentation to keep commerce operating.

The Queen is patron of many charities and organisations she, like our MD show support for industries and young people through their support of voluntary contributions.