Made in Britain: how glazing specialists are beating the Brexit blues

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Made in Britain: how glazing specialists are beating the Brexit blues


Our Midlands based glazing specialists firm, Howells Patent Glazing, have been a big name in the industry for over 40 years. Now, with the media awash with post-Brexit fears and expectations, we’re keen to show that the phrase ‘Made in Britain’ is more than just a marketing slogan.

We have seen a substantial increase in opportunities arising from both national and international contractors. This is particularly true in Europe.  We believe that this is because people are starting to see the difference in quality when buying from British businesses. This is backed up by our glazing specialists record breaking turnover figures for the past 4 years.


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Glazing specialists, Howells Patent Glazing, are beating the Brexit blues!

Glazing specialists like ours here at Howells Patent Glazing are excited about what’s to come.

According to a survey compiled by the EEF Manufacturers organisation, British manufacturing remains strong. With exports on the up as UK trade continues to receive a boost from the weaker pound, an improving global economy is ahead of us. The value of the pound falling has made quality, British manufactured products more affordable for overseas consumers. This boost to the manufacturing industry has already reached the likes of glazing specialists Howells Patent Glazing as we completed our first project in Spain this year.

Tracey Jackson, marketing manager at Howells Patent Glazing said, “We have noticed a definite upturn in the level of enquiries from both the UK and Europe. I think that ‘Made in Britain’ is now less of a marketing slogan and more of a reality for a lot of manufacturers like ourselves. When people buy British goods, they are buying a high quality product. Consumers are not only buying a rooflight from Howells Patent Glazing. They are buying into our glazing specialists businesses ethics of training, quality assurance, rigorous audits, safety tests and people’s futures”.

Howells Patent Glazing aren’t the only ones seeing an increase in demand in European markets.

The same survey notes that 61% of manufacturing firms state that they have seen an increase in orders. The added issue of higher import prices is another deciding factor on where people are putting their business. UK households are starting to move towards British made goods and services. The EEF have revised their forecasts for factory outputs for 2017 and 2018 to 1.3% and 0.5%. This is an increase from 1% and 0.1%.

Tracey Jackson concluded, “We are excited about the shift in patterns in our economy. We’re looking forward to a positive 2018. As a 40 year old, family run British manufacturer, we want people to love our business and its products as much as we do. We aren’t a big business – so every employee matters. Every project, big or small is important to us, and it all comes from the heart of the Black Country. We’re excited that consumers are starting to value the quality of British goods. I hope that this trend is here to stay”.

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