Celebrate Easter in UK – predicted to be hotter than Spain!

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Celebrate Easter in UK – predicted to be hotter than Spain!

Easter is fast approaching Sunday April 16th 2017 followed by Easter Monday, and here at Howells we are all looking forward to our Easter celebrations. Apparently it is predicted to be hotter than Spain according to the Met office so fingers crossed this happens.


Warm up to Easter

Not only is Easter the end of winter is also marks the beginning of spring.  The weather gets warmer, the daffodils are out and the trees are budding, so what’s not to like.  Easter conjures up bunnies, and chocolate Easter eggs and we adults can especially enjoy an Easter egg especially if you are a lover of chocolate, as many of us are here!

What holiday traditions do you have?   Fostering a happy work environment is key for a productive work force so maybe you could decorate your office with Easter decorations. This will create a happy festive atmosphere and get everyone in a Spring like mood.  Just putting up some Easter cards or maybe giving you work staff an Easter egg each might suffice in lifting the mood to more festive cheer.  One of our colleagues always brought in eggs around Easter and this became one of his favourite traditions




Not a lover of chocolate, no fear the answer is here

If you don’t like chocolate maybe you could eat an Easter egg made of cheese. This actually exists, but not to my taste to be fair.


http://buff.ly/2nwW11z  pic.twitter.com/Oxp5MGblGJ

Maybe you could have an Easter egg hunt if you have a young family, this would be a fun idea as it gets the kids out into the fresh air and they will love the idea of searching for eggs or maybe Easter bunnies.

End the break refreshed and relaxed

Easter is a Christian festival and whilst some of us may go to church a lot of us on Easter Sunday will take the the opportunity to indulge in some rest, relaxation and of course, chocolate ready to come back after the Easter break refreshed and ready to tackle anything life throws at us.

Enhance your home

With hopefully some beautiful Spring sunshine on the way what better time to improve your home.  Have you considered getting one of our domestic rooflights installed? This would not only enhance your property, increase the value, and now that Spring is here and Easter is upon us bring light into your home.  We have bespoke and standard size rooflights assembled and constructed from thermally broken aluminium system.




Enjoy your Easter celebrations from all at Howells

Whatever your plans are, we at Howells Patent Glazing wish you all a Very Happy Easter and enjoy the first long bank holiday weekend of the year!