How to keep your conservatory cosy this Christmas; Howells Patent Glazing

Conservatories make great additions to most houses, giving extra room for entertaining, playing, or relaxing in, however they’re often expensive to build and poorly insulated – so making good use of them during the great British winter can be a challenge.

Tracey Jackson, marketing manager at Howells Patent Glazing said, “whilst brick built rooms are always insulated better than a conservatory (in the main), the added appeal of panoramic views of the outdoors, and being able to let natural light flood your home is what makes them incredibly popular. However, you don’t have to suffer in the cold. There are a few solutions to combat the cold during the winter months, and we thought we would share them with you”.

How do I keep my conservatory warm this Christmas?

How do I keep my conservatory warm this Christmas?

“How do I keep my conservatory warm this Christmas?” Here at Howells Patent Glazing, we’ve been in the glazing manufacturing industry for over 40 years, and are experts in our field. We know just how to keep the nation’s conservatories warm during winter. Here are our top tips for beating the chill:

  • Start from the bottom
    It’s a well-known fact that heat rises – and as a conservatory roof is usually made of glass, that’s where they lose most of their heat. If the flooring in a conservatory is cold (tile or laminate flooring), consider adding carpet with a thick, quality underlay. Not in the budget? Then consider buying big, thick or fluffy rugs – these will have the added advantage of being portable, so storing them in the summer months is easy.
  • Barricade the breeze
    As winter looms, so comes the wind. If the wind starts howling through a conservatory, explore and inspect the seals. Old, ill-maintained seals can erode and leave gaps for the wind to penetrate through. Often, it can be worth paying to have glazing re-sealed, or those who are of a ‘handy’ persuasion can give it a go themselves with the help of a few online tutorials.
  • Heat it up
    Don’t be afraid to invest in a heater for the conservatory. Whilst it’s perfectly safe to have a heater in a conservatory, take note; heat escapes fast through the roof. To combat costly fuel bills, ensure the only time the heater is on is when the room is in use.
  • Draw the curtains
    A conservatory is basically three walls of windows – so try dressing them like it. Often, hanging thermal blinds or curtains with a heavy weight can be the cheapest option for keeping a conservatory warm in winter. Draw them to keep heat from the heater and home inside, and open them to make use of the sunshine warming the room. This is an effective technique, and the more you can spend on great quality window dressings the better the insulation will be.
  • Check your glazing
    Single glazed conservatories are a bit like standing outside, but without the rain. Single glazed windows are unbelievably inefficient. If the budget allows, think of replacing the glazing in a conservatory with a more efficient option; such as double or triple glazed or solar controlled glazing which keeps the temperature of a conservatory regulated throughout the year.

Howells Patent Glazing are known for being a forward thinking manufacturing firm, and are regarded by many as one of the UK’s best glazing companies.  We are extremely proud of our reputation and are constantly striving to develop the business further. Giving advice on how to take care of glazing is our specialty, and we hope that in 2017 we will see a new wave of domestic clients that are keen to keep up-to-date on the advances in glazing technology.

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