Awards for Staff training in the West Midlands

We  thought it would be nice to publicize the benefits of nurturing people/staff even after formal education has ended.
At Howells Patent Glazing , the family business, we believe in educating our employees and with 22 currently having inhouse NVQ training on different courses ranging from IT level 2 and 3, Improving Operational Performance Apprenticeship Level 2 and 3, Engineering level 3, leadership and management level 2 and 3 and BIT (Business Improvement Technique) NVQ. These are not the only courses we offer to the staff as there are other more specialist bespoke courses too. It just shows that you must never sit still as an organisation
We are so excited that this has been noticed and we have been nominated with 3 others for an award for staff training in the West Midlands, by Made in the Midlands via Insider magazine:
Apprenticeship and Training Award
The Apprenticeship & Training Award recognises the manufacturing business that has done most to further the cause of apprenticeships in the Midlands.
For achievements between March 2015 – April 2016.
This follows our change in direction 3 years ago with our rebranding and development of our core values in Fairness, Making a Difference, Personal Growth, Recognition and Enthusiasm
We restructured and developed a new management team to drive through the changes to each department. and have never looked back.  With the help of the Growth Accellerator (government business development program) and Black Country Growth Hub we have managed to put 50% onto our turnover in the last 3 years.
This success could only be achieved through our commitment to change and the value that we place in our workforce.
made in the midlands
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