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RAL Colour Charts

All our glazing bars are made from Aluminium and therefore we are able to offer Polyester Powder Coating of all the visible framework to offers a range of colour variations to compliment most design applications. We offer powder coating from the standard range of any standard colour within the RAL range. We can offer single or dual colour choices (internal different to external colours).

To help you narrow down your colour choice we have provided a download option for the standard RAL colours available. The list shows all the standard range together with relevant RAL numbers underneath. . Please note that these are provided as an initial guide only.

The polyester powder can be supplied in a matt, semi gloss or full glass finish however a matt finish tends to be more popular due its smooth, low reflective surface. Please ensure that the gloss level and reference specified is that of a standard colour (non standard colour and gloss finish combinations do cost extra).

Polyester powder coating is achieved by the spraying of the polyester powder resin onto a statically charged section (the charge determines the thickness of the coating). A minimum of 40 microns should be specified (60 and 80 microns optional). Once complete the polyester is baked onto the surface within an oven at high temperature and then left to cool before handling, it is at the point that the polyester powder coated finish provides a smooth durable surface layer.

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