When I’m Cleaning (Roof) Windows


Hands up for easy to clean windows! For rooflights most people want self-cleaning glass, Pilkington’s patented material.  However, this glass needs a minimum pitch of 30 degrees to work optimally. It can work beautifully on windows or a rooflight with a steeper pitch. Make sure to find out more about Pilkington’s glass options here Pilkingtons glass types.

A great alternative on a flat rooflight is Ritec –  a solution applied to the surface of ordinary glass to make it extra slippery. It’s something I would recommend on low pitched rooflights. If you want to find out more click here https://www.ritec.co.uk/.


Talk to a member of our sales team for expert advice on the best glass type for your project or check out our website https://www.howellsglazing.co.uk/domestic-glazing-options.php.



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