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21st September 2020


LIGHT FANTASTIC   Tracey Jackson, business development manager for Howells Patent Glazing explains why aluminium rooflights will be a feature in post-pandemic home design.   Over the past six months, most of our homes have changed beyond all recognition, becoming … Continue reading

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With more than 45 years in the glazing industry Howells Glazing is a name you can trust. Formed in 1973, Howells Glazing has brought a new dimension to thousands of properties throughout the UK. We manufacture, supply and install an extensive range of roof lights, loose bars and canopies across the United Kingdom. And it doesn’t matter if you are in Guernsey or The Orkneys, we can shine a light on your property wherever you are in the country.

You can say goodbye to the dark ages with our wide selection of roof lights and let your property sparkle under the stars. From lantern rooflights and pyramid roof lights to mono pitched and orangery roof lights, we have a design that will change your home forever. Roof lights are ideal for the romantics and the star gazers. Who doesn’t like to cuddle up under a blanket and pass the time away while watching the stars in the sky? With a roof light, you can now do that on a cosy sofa in front of a warm fire while savouring your favourite hot drink. Even when it’s lashing down outside you won’t mind as you kick back and relax listening to the rain crash off the glass. And it’s not just the interior of your home that will benefit from the installation of a roof light, the whole look and feel of the property will change too. Visitors are guaranteed to stand back and admire your new addition.

Our canopies can also give you a secure and dry area to socialise under. They give you the best of both worlds as you can breathe in the crisp, clean air while also remaining untouched by the British weather. Howells Glazing is an established manufacturer of patent glazing roof lights and canopies. Some of our colleagues boast 50 years’ experience in the trade, giving us the edge in the design of roof and vertical systems. With roof vents, guttering and glass selection also within our expertise, why would you choose anyone other than Howells Glazing? Call us now on 01384 820060 or email

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Our flat rooflights can also go into a slope to make attractive entrance #ultraline #flatrooflight #fenestration
We have just received this from one of our B2B customers, it shows how the Ultraline is adaptable and looks sleek o…
We were really happy with this contract at Southerhay House, what do you think? #fenestration #rooflights…
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